Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's just something about pink that makes me smile....

I thought I would cheer myself up today by posting something about the color pink.  I just finished reading a lovely little book called, Designer Scrapbooks with Dena, by Dena Fishbein and thought I'd share a few of the pretty photos.  

Wouldn't these be delightful swaying in the breeze on a beautiful June evening?  You could hang them on your verandah and ponder the world while you sip your PINK lemonade!

I absolutely adored the paper ballerina tutu in one of my recent posts, and I found these little tabletop decorations to be equally amazing!  If only I had the patience to whip some of these up....

And if you're going to have dresses on your table, how about making an invitation that looks like this...

If you had this colorful little workspace, you could close it all up at the end of the day waiting for morning when you could start all over again.

This book is a visual really does make a grey, cloudy day seem alot brighter.    

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