Sunday, September 26, 2010

My flea market finds...

Today was the first flea market of spring and my favorite seller was there.  I LOVE her stall!  She's the only seller at the market that actually takes the time to put a little vintage label on her item and write a little message about the history of it.  She puts so much effort into making everything look inviting.

I wasn't disappointed today with what she had on offer.  I came home with a great old potato masher with a faded blue handle (my new grocery store one is now going back in the drawer never to be used again), a very French looking green and cream colored jardiniere full of a gorgeous home grown bouquet of pink flowers from her garden (smile), a small hardback edition of Michael Ondaatje's "The English Patient" (I love finding little books I can pop in my bag for reading on my daily train commute), a 1950's turquoise and white large gingham check round poof pillow that is now residing in the chair where I'm sitting, and a 1950's souvenir headscarf from Balmoral Castle.  I have a small collection of these scarfs and just love wearing them in springtime.

I try not to buy anything at the market until I reach her stall because I know I won't be able to resist what she has for sale.  Luckily, today, her stall led me to another gorgeous find!  The woman next to her had a basket full of linens and right on top was a vintage white linen tea tablecloth with a beautiful crocheted border and a little French laundry monogram stitched in red on the back side.  It is in exquisite vintage condition--no spots, no holes.  And, the best part is that the price was an absolute STEAL!

So, I had my French straw basket bulging at the seams as I walked back to my car ...oh, what a glorious day!  Lots to smile about...

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