Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Handbag...?

A very favorite research book in my vintage fashion library is Vintage Handbags, Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics, by Marnie Fogg, published by The Five Mile Press in 2009 (ISBN 978-1-74211-667-9).  I promise you, if you are a keen lover of vintage purses, you will just go GA-GA over the photos in this gorgeous book!

I absolutely adore vintage handbags, especially Corde handbags from the 1940s.  I actually use my handbags on a daily basis, even though you pretty quickly get the idea just exactly what women DIDN'T carry in their tiny little handbags whenever you start to use one.  Women in the 1940s didn't have to deal with mobile phones, MP3 players, Blackberries, etc.--all they required was a hankie and a tube of lipstick and they were set for whatever life could throw at them!

Here's a few photos from this MUST HAVE book just to whet your appetite.  You won't be disappointed if you add this lovely book to your reference collection.

American Bamboo and Plastic, 1953 by the Philadelphia Company, Ingber
Gown and Clutch, 1952, by Christian Dior

Hard-Framed, Double Handle Handbag, 1952
Pauline Trigere, 1952
American, Red Calfskin, by Koret, 1953
1950s Fur Handbag by Greta
Large Leopard Skin Handbag, 1946
Clutch Bag, 1952

Clutch Incorporating a Watch, 1935
I hope you've enjoyed this little snippet of vintage handbag heaven!  This lovely book is just full of fascinating handbag history from the 1920s-1980s and is VERY, VERY USEFUL!

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  1. I love the different era's clothing, it reminds me so much of my Mom growing up, with all the pretty styles that were in back then. Thanks for the memories! And can you believe the size of their waist lines ... yikes! What I'd give...lol


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