Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sam Spade.......

We recently visited San Francisco for holiday and while there I discovered a wonderful vintage clothing store, Torso Vintages, downtown in the Financial District.  (One day when I win the lottery here in Australia, I'm going to take all my fortune and go crazy in this fantastic store).   If you're ever in San Francisco and want to be dazzled by a beautiful collection of clothing, then drop into:
If you can't make it to the shop, however, they do have online shopping at 1st Dibs.  But, it's really such a treat to be able to touch and hold all the treasures in the shop!

My husband only owns a couple of vintage clothing items, one of which we purchased at Torso Vintages this trip.  We found a wonderful brown fedora hat from the 1950's that was in almost new condition.   The hat still had it's original gold crest inside, along with the embroidered initials of the original owner.  We did some research on the maker, James Locke and Company, Ltd., and discovered that the company was founded in 1676, and counts among its customers, Prince Charles and Prince Phillip.
The Louisiana style fedora is really a classic and hasn't changed at all from the 1950's.   This is basically what the vintage hat we purchased looks like.  I keep thinking of Sam Spade whenever my husband wears it!

My husband definitely goes for quality over quantity in his vintage clothing because the other piece he owns is an amazing Hawaiian shirt from the 1950's, which he wears to the Fifties Fair we go to in Sydney every August.    I'll save that story for another post and show you some photos of the shirt then.  Stay tuned....

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Love the shop, and I will for fun...check out that link to the online store. I don't see a vacation coming soon :(


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