Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe...

I just couldn't resist sharing the yummiest book ever written about vintage shoes:  The Seductive Shoe, Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear by Jonathan Walford, published by Thames & Hudson in 2007.  There are 429 color illustrations in this gorgeous reference book, plus shoe history for everyone who loves vintage fashion.

Wouldn't you LOVE to own just one pair of these little beauties???  It would be so hard to choose! 

American Purple Silk Brocade Evening Pumps with Cut Steel Buckles, c. 1927-1931
English Blue Silk Shoes With Italian Heels, c. 1785-1789
German Striped Ticking Linen with a German Heel, c. 1775-1780
American Silk Congress Boot, c. 1865
French Blue Kid Shoes, c. 1868-1875
French Embroidered Boots, c. 1882-1888
French Bronzed Kid Chameleon Shoes, c. 1858-1865

English Silk Tartan Ankle Boot, c. 1860-1865

French Blue Silk Embroidered Evening Pumps, c. 1925-1927

French Bronzed Kid Chameleon Shoes , c. 1858-1866
English Olive Leather Shoes, c. 1800-1810

Hope you enjoyed all these lovelies!

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