Saturday, July 24, 2010

ROJO ROCKET...Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

My husband and I discovered this wonderful MEXICAN restaurant which is about a 20-minute drive from our house and have made it our "celebrate our birthdays" place!  The food isn't TEX-MEX, but is instead real Mexican food.  Honestly, if you ever come to Sydney, it's worth the hour's drive north to Avoca Beach to eat at this fantastically decorated restaurant.  It's hard to decide which is better--the wild-colored interior, or the superb food.  Of course, you might also be enthralled by the gigantic RED metal ROCKET in the yard!
We've tried quite a bit of the menu and haven't found anything that didn't make us say "Wow!  The flavours are fantastic".  They have the very best GUACAMOLE ever!
One of the things I love is that when it comes time to pay your bill, the waiter brings you a cardboard cigar box to put the money into.  Those boxes bring back  memories of my elementary school days back in Texas--we always got a new one at the beginning of the school year to hold our pencils, ruler, crayons, etc.

The decor is very colorful and celebrates the Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, holiday with fabrics and colors.

They also have a groovy 1976 nine-seater HEARSE named "Miss Sabrina" that can be rented with a driver from Sunday through Thursday, and also for pick-up and delivery to the restaurant by booking it on Friday or Saturday nights.

Check out their website,, for lots more information, photos and a menu that will make your mouth water!

P.S.  You will need to make reservations, even for lunch on Saturdays, because it is such a popular place!

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