Friday, July 30, 2010

Bleu de Lectoure...

If you're a big fan of the color BLUE, and if you ever find yourself in the Gers, a department in the southwest of France, find the town of Lectoure, which is located 32 kms north of Auch, the capital of the Gers, and check out an "ancienne tannerie" named
Bleu de Lectoure.

I must admit, I had never heard of the plant called woad until I went to Lectoure.  I was totally fascinated by what I saw and learned while I was there.  And, of course, I was loving every minute seeing all the various shades of blue produced by dyeing with woad!

The shop at the tannery sells clothing and art pastels and paints in the most glorious shades of blue.  It's hard to resist buying something there!  I resisted going crazy, though, as I only had a very small backpack, but I did buy a little bottle of their paint to take home with me.  I took the sample to my paint store and now every year I give my back door steps a new coat of bleu de Lectoure and dream of being in France!

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