Saturday, August 7, 2010

Australian Home Journal...

The Australian Home Journal was a magazine mostly about fashion for the average woman.   Each cover featured 3-5 outfits and inside were full-size paper tissue patterns and instructions on how to make them up. There were also more outfits illustrated inside, and you could buy them by mail order from the AHJ pattern service. The rest of the magazine featured knitting and crochet patterns, fashion-related DIY and handy hints, short fiction, advice columns, recipes, and plenty of ads for powders and potions to keep you regular, make you slim, and keep your baby quiet. 

Here's some of the covers of the magazines I've collected, dating from 1939-1956, and some black and white illustrations of the fashion advice given inside.    You can see what the well-dressed Australian woman was wearing back then.  Enjoy!

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